FAQ Honors Trips

Honors First Year Trip:

Advanced Honors Trip

Honors First Year Trip:

  • October 1, 2020

Advanced Honors Trip:

  • Feb 25, 2022
  • If you are a sophomore or above, you can apply for the Advanced Honors Trip here.
  • If you are a first-year student, you can apply for the Honors First Year Trip here.
Study Abroad
50% Liable
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Program Cost
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Study Abroad
Program Cost
1st Year Honors Trip 10/1 10/31 11/15 1/15 4/10 5/10


You will earn 6 Honors Credits, HNRS 160D: Honors Quest and HNRS 208: Advanced Critical Thinking and Writing for Honors Students. These courses fulfill general education requirements. HNRS 160D is a Tier One TRAD course, and HNRS 208 is a Tier Two Humanities course. 

In some cases, other course numbers can be substituted. You must email Kailey Shill kaileyshill@email.arizona.edu, to confirm what classes can be substituted. Starting an application does not guarantee a substituted class. 

The academic year runs from Fall (September) through Summer Session 2 (August). If you are applying for the 2020-2021 trip, then your Summer classes would count towards the 2020-2021 academic year.

Application Help

  • If you are a sophomore or above, you can apply for the Advanced Honors Trip here.
  • If you are a first-year student, you can apply for the Honors First Year Trip here.

No, that comes from the Study Abroad office. All students pay an $50 application fee that is nonrefundable.

Application Fee: No, you will still be charged the application fee through the Study Abroad office.

Honors First Year Trip Commitment Dates:

  • Commitment Deadline 11/15
  • Liable 50% - January 15th
  • Honors Trip Scholarship Notification – February 15th
  • Liable 100% - April 10th


For Advanced Honors Trip Commitment dates, please refer to the Withdrawal Policy under the summer term.


Travel Logistics 

Once accepted to the trip, your faculty member will guide you through booking a flight to the first destination.

No, your flight is not included in the trip.

You can decide to travel by yourself, or you can decide to travel with your peers.

No, but you do need to start the process for obtaining a passport to be accepted to the program.

No, many students who have been accepted to the trip have never flown before or traveled to another state.

This depends on the faculty member and trip schedule. You will know this before you leave for your trip. You can travel to other places during your free time. Your faculty member will share the protocol on personal travel.

Your faculty member can help guide you on how to use technologies and find affordable ways to communicate both with your Honors Trip peers and with the States. Great technologies/mobile apps that tend to work well include: WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger.

Most likely, yes. Some facilities may charge a fee for Wi-Fi use.

No, only Honors Students are invited to participate on the trip and during the coursework. Sometimes students arrive to the location early or stay longer to meet a family member or friend. You are not required to leave the country on the last day of the session.

Creating Strong Applications

Make sure you are answering the entire question.

If you are choosing between trips, make it clear why you want one over the other.

Try to share your authentic voice. This is your chance to let the faculty members know who you are and why you want to go on the trip. Think about what you have to gain from this experience, but also what you have to contribute to the group you would join.

Trip Finances

Billable items are items that will be charged to your Bursars account. Non-billable items will greatly depend on each individual. Non-billable items include transportation costs, food and miscellaneous items.

No, the fee goes to Study Abroad application fee.

This depends on each individual. Please use the links provided in the previous question as a guide. You will also work with your Honors Trip Faculty member to set a budget.

Financial Aid

The trip will be charged to your university Bursar’s account.

Tuition will be charged for the session you will be in the program. For example, if you are in Summer Session 1, you can except a bill to be posted to your Bursars account around June 1.

Please visit the Office of Financial Aid to learn about your individual financial aid package works with study abroad.


The Honors Trip Scholarship is a scholarship only available to students accepted to the trip. The scholarship ranges from $400-$1,000 based on financial need.

Once accepted to the Trip, you will be given access to the scholarship on Scholarship Universe. You will have two weeks to complete the application.

Yes, Study Abroad has compiled this list.

Each Scholarship has its own rules and regulations. It is best to contact the financial aid office (520-621-9473) to find out more about your scholarship, or, your scholarship foundation directly if it is a non-UA scholarship.