Honors Contract Proposal Instructions


  1. Attend the first meeting of the class. Read the syllabus for the course to gain an understanding of the coursework and whether it is a good fit for an Honors Contract. Brainstorm ideas of what work you could complete for the contract.
  2. Ask the instructor if they would consider overseeing a contract for the course.
  3. Set up a meeting with the instructor to discuss and decide on the type of work to be completed for the contract. Come prepared with ideas! This is an opportunity for you to explore a topic of your interest in depth through a specific project in the class.
  4. Complete and submit the Honors Contract form online. The form will require you to outline the details of the Honors Contract expectations, how your work will allow you to deeply engage with course material, and how it will be differentiated from the non-honors experience.
  5. After you have electronically submitted the Honors Contract form, it will then be forwarded to your instructor for approval. It is your responsibility to follow up with your instructor to ensure that they have submitted their approval of the Honors Contract by the submission deadline. Honors Contracts are due at different times in the semester depending on the session of the class and it is your responsibility to know the appropriate submission deadline.
  6. Once your instructor has approved your Honors Contract, it will then be reviewed by the W. A. Franke Honors College. Processing times may vary, but you can expect to be notified of your Honors Contract status within 2-4 weeks of the submission deadline. Both student and instructor will receive an email regarding the status of the contract after it has been reviewed. There is an opportunity for revision if the contract is not approved the first time.
  7. Once your contract has been approved by the Franke Honors College, you will want to maintain communication with your instructor throughout the semester to ensure that expectations of the contract are being met. It is the student’s responsibility to remain in touch with the instructor regarding the proper completion of the Honors Contract and completion of the assignment outlined in the Honors Contract.