Honors First Year Trip

The First Year Honors Trip is an unforgettable experience to go abroad while earning General Education credits early in your collegiate career.

Spend Summer 2022 traveling in Paris and Berlin while earning six units of Honors General Education credit for the academic year. You will explore the unique arts and culture of each city by visiting renowned museums, attending performances and sampling the regional foods of each locale. Uncover the sights, sounds and literary soul of new cities and countries alongside other honors students and honors professors in a structured program.

The Honors College does have scholarship funding available through an application process. Scholarships range from $500-1,500 based on financial need and are only available to students who are accepted on the trips.

All students will earn 6 units of general education credit by participating in this program in the following:

HNRS 160D: Honors Quest (3 units), Tier I TRAD

HNRS 208: Advanced Critical Thinking and Writing for Honors Students (3 units), Tier II Humanities

*These do not qualify for the diversity credit.


"After the Honors Trip to Rome, Madrid and London, I know I will never forget the awestruck feeling of walking through antiquity and immersing myself in Roman culture. If I could, I would return to Europe in an instant.

Katrina Lynne, History and Anthropology

For more information, please contact Dr. Lysette Davi at lysettedavis@email.arizona.edu.

Due to low vaccination rates and increasing political unrest in South Africa and Botswana, the First Year Trip to Africa has been canceled. We apologize for the inconvenience as we prioritize the health and safety of our students and staff.

Paris, France & Berlin, Germany
Summer Five Week-First: June 6-July 7

Led: Dr. Bryan Carter

During this trip, students will be introduced to two amazingly diverse cities in Western Europe, Paris and Berlin. During the Summer of 2018, students traveled with me to Paris and Berlin and experienced a number of cultural and traditional excursions. In both cities, students will digitally document the experience using a variety of technologies. Students will use 360-degree cameras to create digital stories of their experience and in some cases, broadcast “live” from location using 360 technologies. The combination of cultural immersion, digital storytelling, and location-based augmentation makes this trip not only unique but also one that will raise awareness of the field of Digital Humanities.

While in Berlin, students visit castles, concentration camps, memorials, alternative Berlin, art walks and jazz clubs. Paris will also expose students to both traditional French culture as well as that which most tourists never see while in the City of Light, to include walking tours of the Left Bank, African American Paris, immigrant communities and ethnic restaurants.

For more information about Dr. Carter, click here.

Hear an overview from Dr. Carter about some of what you can expect to be doing on this trip.

If accepted you will be required to take HNRS 195J-007 in Spring 22 with Dr. Carter. The course will be on Wednesdays at 1:00. This course will count for your HNRS 195 (Freshmen seminar) Honors requirement. 

The deadline to apply for this program is October 1, 2021. Please see below for application details.

Cost of Attendance

Due to the pandemic, costs for this program continue to fluctuate as international travel remains restricted. At this time, we estimate that the billable programmatic cost of the Honors First Year Trip will be around $7,600-$8,000. This price is subject to change. This price does not include any travel costs before or after the program such as airfare to Paris and from Berlin. This price does include all housing and transportation during the program.

To help offset the cost of the trip, the Honors College will award each accepted and committed student with a $1500 award.

Please check the UA Study Abroad website for further updates and a full budget when it is available: https://global.arizona.edu/study-abroad/program/honors-first-year-trips


The application for the Honors First Year trip will be completed on Qualtrics. Please be aware that you cannot revisit your application once you begin the Qualtrics application. You will not be able to log back into a previously started application to make edits or submit. For this reason, we highly recommend pre-writing your essay answers so that you can edit and proofread before submitting. The essay questions are as follows and should be answered in less than 250 words each:

Please tell us a bit about yourself outside of your academic pursuits. Imagine yourself joining a group of 20+ students abroad: What will be challenging for you? What do you look forward to?

Why are you interested in studying in Paris and Berlin? Describe one of your interest areas in one of these countries.

Once you are ready to begin and complete your application, please click here:


If you have any questions or would like help with your application please attend Advising Virtual Drop in Hours: 

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