First Year Project

The First Year Project is an excellent opportunity to partake in research during the second semester of your first year.

First-year W. A. Franke Honors College students research a topic or issue of their interest with the guidance of a faculty mentor, which then culminates in a final project, paper, artifact or recorded performance. The result of your First Year Project should fit into one of these seven categories:

  • Common Reading
  • Creative Expression
  • Design
  • Lab/Field Experience
  • Analytical Research
  • Applied/Community Project
  • Social Justice

The First Year Project topic or issue does not have to be related to your major. This is your chance to choose something you are genuinely passionate about.

Students receive independent study credit for their final project and one student in each of the seven categories will win a $500 award. In addition, one student among the seven category winners is chosen as the overall showcase winner and receives an award of $1,000.

Every project will be on display at Honors Pinnacle in the spring. Students in need of guidance with their projects or in search of a faculty mentor should contact the Assistant Dean, Programs, Diversity and Inclusion, Cheree Meeks, at