Diversity and Inclusion

Students of Honors College

The W.A. Franke Honors College values diverse viewpoints and backgrounds because together, we are stronger.

The Franke Honors College actively supports and reflects the University of Arizona commitment to inclusive excellence. In the Frank Honors College, inclusive excellence is a pillar that supports a rich diversity of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni, and the intellectual and cultural viewpoints that strengthen the Honors experience. Inclusive excellence is a philosophy that seeks to systematically incorporate and embed inclusion into all aspects of the College with intention.


At The University of Arizona W.A. Franke Honors College, we commit and aspire to create and foster a diverse and inclusive climate where scholars of all backgrounds are welcome, safe, and valued. As a community of scholars, we aspire to represent an environment in which diversity of thought, experiences, and identities, are respected and encourage healthy collaboration where we learn, work, and exist. We recognize this as critical to achieving academic excellence, advancing innovation, promoting critical thinking, and fostering an inclusive learning community in which full participation and a sense of belonging are essential to success.


Our community is composed of individuals from all backgrounds, abilities and walks of life. We seek to create learning environments in which every student feels safe to express their individuality. If you are interested in learning more about diversity and inclusion at the university-wide level, we encourage you to visit diversity.arizona.edu.

We also know that some students require special accommodations to optimize their learning environments. With support from the Disability and Resource Center, we are committed to meeting each individual student’s unique needs. To learn more about accessibility at the university level, please visit drc.arizona.edu.