Get Involved

Students sharing a meal on the 2022 HASB Whitewater Trip


Get involved from day one with clubs and programs that can help connect you with other Franke Honors students, professional development opportunities, and experiences that will help you make the most of your undergraduate experience. 

Build leadership skills, get involved in causes you’re passionate about, and make lasting connections.


Franke Honors community building programs offer credit-bearing opportunities for students to grow their leadership skills and connect with personal, academic, and professional resources. 

Partnerships Through Honors (PATH)

PATH is a unique peer-to-peer mentorship program that pairs mentors and mentees based on interests, identities, and goals. The program is designed to benefit both mentees and mentors and will help you build connections and maximize your Franke Honors experience. 

Black Excellence Scholars (BES)

The Black Excellence Scholars program centers the experiences of Black and African American students and integrates culturally responsive, culturally conscious pedagogy. 

Honors Alternative Spring Break (HASB)

Join fellow Franke Honors students for a service experience paired with a 2-unit Spring course designed to inspire lifelong civic engagement through an enriched understanding of diverse perspectives on complex societal issues.

Common Reading Program

Designed to facilitate learning around a common experience, the Franke Honors Common Reading Program is an excellent way to facilitate meaningful discussion with your Franke Honors peers. Check out this year's book and strike up a conversation next time you're waiting in line at '85 North.


Franke Honors Clubs are student-led organizations that provide opportunities based on interest, identity, and goals. Have fun, make a difference, grow personally and professionally, and do it all with your fellow Franke Honors students. 

Franke Honors Student Council

The mission of Honors Student Council is to create a community within the W.A. Franke Honors College between the students and staff. The council is composed of dedicated Franke Honors students who want to share their vision of what the honors experience should be at the University of Arizona.

Franke Honors Ambassadors (FHA)

The Franke Honors Ambassadors (FHA) interact with prospective students by helping them discover a genuine perspective of the University of Arizona and have a positive experience along the way. In addition, FHAs create an inclusive and responsible community within the college through fun philanthropic and social event programming. 

Franke Honors Service Club

Franke Honors Service Club creates a space for you to learn about the values of service and volunteering. Members have an impact and connect with peers in hands-on service experiences throughout the community.

Franke Honors Transfer Advisory Board of Students (TABS)

TABS provides transfer students with a voice in inspiring, creating, and guiding current and future programming that focuses on the transfer student experience at the W.A. Franke Honors College. TABS is committed to developing a unique space for transfer students while also encouraging interactions that help create a sense of belonging within the greater Franke Honors Community.

Nepantla Student Association

Celebrate and uplift Mexican students and culture within Franke Honors and the University community. All students are welcome to be a part of Nepantla.

Nuestra misión es celebrar y elevar a los estudiantes y la cultura Mexicana en la Universidad de Arizona y en la comunidad que la rodea. 


In addition to clubs and programs, Franke Honors offers unique academic opportunities that are designed to help you pursue you intellectual curiosity while connecting with other Franke Honors students early in your academic career. 

Quest Project

Recommended for first-year, second-year, and recent transfer students, Franke Honors Quest provides an opportunity for you to explore the topic or issue of your choice under the guidance of a faculty mentor. It's a great way to connect with valuable Franke Honors resources and discover your intellectual passions early in your undergraduate career. 

Franke Honors Seminars

While you can take these one-unit courses at any time during your undergraduate experience, we recommend enrolling in a seminar during your first year as a way to spark interest in new topics and meet Franke Honors students from other disciplines. You have to take at least one seminar to graduate, but with so many 

ASUA Clubs

Explore more than 400 student clubs and organizations available at the University of Arizona and formally recognized by the Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA). Don’t see a club that suits your interests? We encourage you to start your own.