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Interact with engaged students across disciplines, increase your course enrollment, and find opportunities to innovate your existing curriculum. 


WHY choose Honors

The W.A. Franke Honors College aspires to add depth and breadth to the typical undergraduate experience, empowering each student to make an impact and reveal and pursue their passion with a deeper sense of wonder and purpose. 

WHAT experiences we offer

The W.A. Franke Honors College offers students multiple paths toward graduation with Honors that align with their educational and professional goals. Students can add an Honors Contract to a course, take Honors sections in other departments (see below for more information), or take HNRS courses, most often interdisciplinary or experiential in nature and taught by in-house faculty. 

WHEN students engage with opportunities

The Franke Honors experience starts with Honors sections of UNIV 101, and continues with early-career gen ed opportunities. Honors Quest is a program that allows students to engage in undergraduate research as early as their first year. Honors students complete an Honors section of UNIV 301, and are encouraged to do so after most of their gen eds are complete. The culminating experience in a Franke Honors student's journey is their Honors Thesis. This project spans multiple semesters, and all students must work with a faculty mentor to complete it. 

WHERE honors experiences are located

Franke Honors students take classes across campus and abroad, depending on their major and course of study, but they also have access to a living and working space that is exclusive to the W.A. Franke Honors College—the Honors Village. 

HOW we deliver on our promise

We deliver on our promise to Franke Honors students through setting and achieving learning outcomes. When preparing for an Honors course, think of the acronym FIDDLES. 

F: Faculty time
I: Interdisciplinarity
D: Deeper dive
D: Dimension
L: Leadership
E: Experiential
S: Student-centered

WHO you should contact

If you're interested in learning more about the Franke Honors College and ways you can get involved, contact Faculty Chair Jennie McStotts

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Become an Honors Thesis Mentor

Provide support and guidance for a student through this transformative undergraduate experience. 

View the Thesis Guidebook

Add an Honors Experience to a Course

You can improve course enrollment and create opportunities for students by adding an Honors experience to a course you teach within your department. 


Set Up an Honors Section of a Course

During Open Scheduling

When setting up an Honors section for the upcoming Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 terms, please refer to the resource guide, Setting Up an Honors Section, for instruction on using UAccess during open scheduling. If there are any questions please contact the Registrar's Office ( or the Data Analyst for the Franke Honors College, Marco Quintero at  

During Closed Scheduling

To set up an Honors section during closed scheduling, your department scheduler can submit a Section Add Form to Room and Course Scheduling through the online Schedule of Classes Request Form. Mark the check box on the form for Honors. Next, add a comment in the Additional Comments field at the bottom of the form that you wish to create an honors section for the course. If you wish to combine the honors section with a non-honors section to inherit the same meeting pattern and instructor, please add this in the Additional Comments field as well. Room and Course Scheduling will process the request and send confirmation once the honors section has been added. 

Honors Faculty Liaisons

Most academic departments have designated a faculty member to serve as the Honors Faculty Liaisons for students in their major. 

The Honors Faculty Liaison does not generally provide academic advising on degree requirements; rather, this individual provides mentorship and guidance to honors students who are interested in becoming more engaged in their discipline, seeking special research opportunities, or planning for graduate school or careers. Honors Faculty Liaisons can also help students plan for the Honors Thesis and answer questions about research in their areas of interest.



Honors Faculty Bylaws

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