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The W.A. Franke Honors College is at the core of pushing bold ideas forward. By investing in our students, faculty, and programs, we amplify the unique university ecosystem that makes innovation possible. Currently, there are faculty members who cannot push their ideas further without support. There are students who do not receive the support that they need to fully focus on their studies. There are programs that could do more if only they had the means to do it. Reaching our College's $48 million goal will fill these gaps and enable all Franke Honors Wildcats to fuel their wonder.


We seek. We connect. We create. We evolve. We celebrate.

These values are a promise to our students, and the way we follow through on that promise is by offering opportunities for them to explore—to embrace their curious natures and discover their passions through experiential learning, design, and innovation.

For highly motivated undergraduates, the Franke Honors College adds rich dimension to one of the world’s top research universities. A dynamic space for interdisciplinary thinking on campus, Franke Honors’ community values and graduation requirements prompt students to ask and answer bold questions about our ever-changing world. Franke Honors is a great example of the university’s mission, blending the benefits of interdisciplinary thinking and self-discovery. Ultimately, our mission is to empower each student to reveal and pursue their passion with a deeper sense of wonder and purpose.

By investing in the Franke Honors College, you invest in students with the promise and potential to contribute toward solving some of society’s timely and timeless problems.

There are a variety of 100% tax-deductible options available to donors, depending on your individual needs and wishes.

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Why support Franke Honors? 

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Personal Impact

The Franke Honors College has many opportunities designed to maximize every student’s potential. Your support allows students to seek out personal and intellectual growth without limitation.

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Access & Excellence

Financial barriers should never deter a talented youth from earning a quality undergraduate degree. As a donor, you provide access to the highest quality honors education for students who could otherwise not afford it.

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Economic Impact

Franke Honors students are creatively intelligent innovators. Your investment in their education is an investment in retaining high-achieving students in our state, attracting country-wide talent and encouraging businesses to come to Arizona.

Areas of Support

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Student Success

Give to the Honors General Scholarship Fund so students can count on support being there when they need it.

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Global Citizenship

Help us prepare our students to be effective global citizens by expanding access to educational travel that expose them to new cultures, languages, and environments through a gift to the Honors Study Abroad Scholarship Fund.

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Research and Innovation

Undergraduate research is a cornerstone of the Franke Honors experience. Help provide students the resources needed to bring forth solutions to current and future problems with a gift to the Honors Research Fund.

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Fueling Wonder at Franke Honors