Cost and Value

Two students talk in the Honors Village Lobby

The Value of Franke Honors

The W.A. Franke Honors College offers motivated students from all academic disciplines the opportunity to discover and pursue their passions with a deep sense of wonder and purpose. Specialized academic advising, faculty-mentored research programming, access to Honors-only scholarships and grants, small interdisciplinary classes, innovative academic programming, industry and community partner connections, and more layer onto the rich resources of the University of Arizona to create one of the top educational experiences in the country. 

The Franke Honors Experience

Honors Fee

The Honors fee is $475/semester.

Fee scholarships are automatically granted to students with the greatest need (as indicated by the FAFSA). If you do not receive a fee scholarship and the fee presents a financial barrier for you, there are many other resources available to cover or offset the cost of an Honors education, including:

Franke Honors Scholarships for Incoming First-Year Students

Franke Honors Scholarships for Current Students

University of Arizona Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

When you commit, so do we

We understand that the cost of education is a barrier for many students. And we also truly believe and commit to delivering on the tangible value of the Franke Honors experience. If you look into the above options and none of them work for you, but you are accepted to the Franke Honors College and dedicated to getting the most out of your Franke Honors experience, we want to finding a financial solution that will allow you to pursue your goals.

Contact Angie Valdez, Assistant Director of Internal Scholarships, to discuss your individual situation.

How is the fee used?

All the revenue generated by the Honors program fee benefits students. The fee supports the hiring of our academic advisors, student support staff, and faculty who provide the amazing enrichment that the Franke Honors experience promises. From scholarship support, to coordinating our well-known PATH mentoring program, to teaching our small classes, guiding our students on experiential learning journeys, and offering unique academic programming that prepares our students to tackle the greatest challenges of our time, the fee provides the resources we need to offer the top Honors experience in the country. 

Why doesn't University of Arizona tuition cover the costs of the above services?

All college budgets within the University of Arizona are determined by the AIB (Activity Informed Budget). Essentially, this means that college budgets are based on student enrollment in credit hours and degrees within that college. Because the Franke Honors College is committed to offering low faculty to student ratios and multiple paths for our students to receive Honors credit (Honors contracts, Honors sections of non-Honors courses), and because our students' primary degree programs are housed in other colleges, our slice of the AIB pie is not large enough to cover the needs of running and maintaining the programming that makes the Honors experience so valuable. We have to supplement our budget with the fee.