Honors Contracts

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Earn honors credit for non-honors courses by completing an honors contract. 

Honors contracts allow students to make individualized arrangements with instructors in order to earn honors credit in non-honors courses. Contracts do not necessarily mean more challenging course work; they are intended to provide students with a more engaging experience that allows them to work closely with the instructor and explore course material in a personally meaningful way.

Honors Contract Form


You will need to reach out the the professor whose class you would like to take for honors credit, so leave yourself enough time to have a conversation with them and complete all required paperwork. See below for upcoming deadlines. 

Typically, visiting office hours or sending an email are great ways to start the process. Remember that it is up to the discretion of the instructor to oversee a contract process. If they are unsure about the process, please direct them to the Franke Honors College website for more information and resources for instructors offering Honors Contracts, or have them contact W.A Franke Honors College Faculty Chair, Jennie McStotts.

If you would like, here is an email template you may consider:

“Dear Professor [name],

I’m currently a student in your [course title and time] and I’m also a student in the Franke Honors College. I was reaching out to see if you would be willing to oversee an Honors Contract for me. As a Franke Honors College student, I have the opportunity to propose that the units from a non-Honors course be counted as Honors units by working with the instructor to design an extra project or learning experience that will deepen my knowledge and engagement in the course. If you would like more information about your role as an instructor in the Honors Contract process, please see these resources from the Honors College website: frankehonors.arizona.edu/honors-contract-policies

If you are willing to oversee an Honors Contract for me, we would need to discuss parameters of the experience and submit an Honors Contract proposal form by [appropriate deadline]. Please let me know if you need anymore information about this process or would like to schedule time to discuss the project or experience. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best wishes,

[your name]”

Your instructor may already have an idea in mind, rely on you to plan the project, or have a standard Honors Contract project that they provide. See below for more information about each of these options.

  • Option A: Your instructor has an idea for a project you can complete. You will need to talk with the instructor to ensure that you know what is required of you to successfully complete the terms of your Honors Contract. You will also want the opportunity to add your input to make sure the project is something you are interested in completing.
  • Option B: Your instructor wants you to determine the project. Brainstorm before you talk with your instructor so that you have some ideas to offer. This is a great chance for you to explore a topic that is particularly interesting to you in a way that you will find most beneficial. Be ready to present options to your instructor and be open to their feedback and suggestions.

Listed below are the questions all students submitting an Honors Contract will need to provide answers for: 

1. What are the project requirements (due dates, length, formatting, source requirements, etc.) and how will your instructor assess if the honors contract assignment has been successfully completed? 

2. How often will you meet with your instructor to review and discuss your progress on the honors contract assignment?

3. Which W.A. Franke Honors College Learning Outcome(s) does this honors contract emphasize?  (A list of the learning outcomes are provide on the Honors Contract form and you are able to select the one(s) that apply)

4. How can you tie this assignment into your major, minor, career path, or general interests?

Remember that the Honors Contract form and your instructor’s response must be submitted by the appropriate submission deadline.


Make sure your instructor knows that you completed your form and are awaiting their response. Your instructor will be given three options upon reviewing the contract proposal you submit: they may (1) accept it, (2) suggest edits that will need to be made prior to their acceptance, or (3) deny the request for an Honors Contract. You will receive email updates confirming their selection once they have submitted their choice.

Upon receipt of your instructor's approval, you will receive a confirmation email and your honors contract will be processed in UAccess. 

Once your contract has been approved, complete the contract as outlined in the submission.

Additional Resources 

Keep in mind

  • An Honors Contract should be a collaborative effort between the student and instructor, but all contract proposals must be approved by the Franke Honors College. 
  • Restrictions on the types of courses that can be contracted, instructors who are eligible to supervise Honors Contracts, and the total number of units that can be completed via Honors Contract may impact your ability to contract a particular course.
  • Honors Contracts can be approved by PhDs, GAs, or TAs, but PhDs/GAs/TAs who will not be entering final grades will need to communicate which students will be earning honors units to whomever is entering final grades.
  • Refer to our detailed Honors Contract Policies and review the information below before approaching an instructor about contract options.

For Faculty 

Have questions? Need some advice on how to develop an Honors Contract? Reach out to Prof. Jennie McStotts for support: mcstotts@arizona.edu

Contract Due Dates

Honors Contract due dates are dependent on the length of the class. All information, including your professor’s approval, is due by the appropriate submission deadline. Since all information is due by the submission deadline it is advised that students do not wait to start on their Honors Contract until the last minute.

Honors Contract Submission Deadlines for Summer 2024:

Pre-session Friday, May 17th
Seven Week - First Monday, May 20th
Five Week - First Monday, June 10th
Seven Week - Second Monday, July 8th
Five Week - Second Monday, July 15th

Have questions about Honor Contracts? Email your Franke Honors Academic Advisor 

Honors Contract Policies

Review the Honors Contract Policies before creating your Honors Contract. 

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Guidelines for the Substance of the Honors Contract

What should the content of your Honors Contract look like? 

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FAQs about the Honors Contracts

Get answers to the questions asked most about Honors Contracts. 

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Courses Not Eligible to Contract

Learn which courses are NOT eligible for an Honors Contract.

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Information for Faculty

Information for instructors about the Honors Contract process.