Guidelines for the Substance of the Honors Contract

The work assigned for the Honors Contract should be qualitatively different from the work already assigned in the class. Adding some readings or assignments is not sufficient. For example, the work for the Honors Contract may rely on primary sources not formally introduced in the class, or focus more intensively on particular topics. Contracts will not be approved if the student functions as a teaching assistant or preceptor for honors credit.

Honors Contracts should be:

  • Specific: Details of exactly what is to be done, such as required format if relevant, number of pages, the amount of reading, number of meetings, specific topic or process for choosing a topic where relevant, expected completion date(s).
  • Measurable: Criteria like rubrics for evaluating any output such as papers or presentations, level of scholarship expected, etc.
  • Achievable: The details of the contract should be attainable and not impossible to achieve within the confines of the class.
  • Relevant: Appropriate to the class and course level.
  • Beneficial: Produce a benefit to the student in terms of developing depth or breadth of knowledge/skills not available to non-Honors students or application of knowledge/skills in ways not available to non-Honors students.