Honors Contract Policies

  1. Honors Contract Unit Limits

    • There is a limit to how many Honors units a student can earn via Honors Contracts. All Honors students may contract up to 12 units. If you will be going over your Honors contract unit limit of 12 units, please reach out to your Honors Academic Advisor
  2. Grading of the Honors Contract

    • No grade is given for the contract. The student either meets the terms of the Honors Contract or they do not. Instructors are required to determine whether the student has completed the terms of the contract by the same date that grades are regularly due for the course. “Incompletes” are not accepted for Honors Contracts, unless the student has obtained prior permission from the W. A. Franke Honors College.
  3. Honors Contract impact on the student’s overall grade in the course

    • The work assigned as a result of the Honors Contract will not determine or impact the student's final grade in the class. That is, the fact that the student is working on an Honors Contract does not guarantee a high grade. Final grades should reflect the quality and content of all of the student's work in the course. Additionally, if the student does not complete the terms of the Honors Contract, this will not negatively impact the student’s final grade in the class. If the student does not complete the terms of the Honors Contract, the only consequence would be that the student will not receive honors credit for the course.
  4. Courses Co-Convened with a 500-level Graduate Class

    • Students typically are not able to create an Honors Contract for a class that is co-convened with a 500-level graduate class. If this is a student’s very first semester at the University of Arizona OR they have less than 60 earned units, students should contact an Honors Academic Advisor to learn how they could potentially earn honors credit for the course. If a student has at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA at the University of Arizona AND has at least 60 earned units, they would not create an Honors Contract. Instead, the student would fill out the Undergraduate Enrollment in Graduate Course form and turn it into the Office of the Registrar, Administration 210.
  5. Courses Ineligible for an Honors Contract 

  • There are certain courses that are NOT eligible for an Honors Contract.
  • Classes you cannot make an Honors Contract for are:
    • Courses that offer an Honors section option this semester
      •  If there is a course that offers an honors section, you must be enrolled in the honors section in order to earn honors credit.
    • Preceptorship
      • Courses numbered: 191, 291, 391, 491
    • Independent Study
      • Courses numbered: 199, 299, 399, 499
    • Study Abroad courses
      • Courses taken at other institutions cannot be contracted. 
    • Courses with alternative grading
      • S (superior), P (pass), F (fail)
    • Courses taken in the Winter session
      • These are courses taken between the fall and spring semesters.