Honors Faculty Liaisons

Most academic departments have designated a faculty member to serve as the Honors Faculty Liaison for students in their major.

The Honors Faculty Liaison does not generally provide academic advising on degree requirements; rather, this individual provides mentorship and guidance to honors students who are interested in becoming more engaged in their discipline, seeking special research opportunities, or planning for graduate school or careers. Honors Faculty Liaisons can also help students plan for the honors thesis/capstone and answer questions about research in their areas of interest.

Honors Faculty Liaisons List (by major)

Major Faculty Member Title Email Phone number Office Location
Accounting Karen Otto Senior Lecturer, Accounting otto@eller.arizona.edu 520-621-2910 McClelland Hall 401L
Africana Studies Praise Zenenga Associate Professor, Africana Studies zen08@email.arizona.edu 520-626-9828 Learning Services Building 240
Agribusiness Economics and Management

Bonnie Colby

Professor, Agricultural-Resource Economics



520-621-4775 McClelland Hall 301L
Animal Sciences Randy Bogan Assistant Professor, Animal and Comparative Biomedical Sciences boganr@email.arizona.edu 520-621-1487 Pharmacy-Micro 201
Anthropology Eleni Hasaki Associate Professor, Anthropology hasakie@email.arizona.edu 520-626-1398 Haury 314A
Architecture Clare Robinson Assistant Professor, Architecture clarerobinson@email.arizona.edu 520-626-3407 CAPLA-East A203K
Art/Art History/Art Education/Studio Art Check with the department        
Astronomy Yancy L. Shirley Assistant Professor, Astronomy yshirley@as.arizona.edu 520-626-3666 Steward Observatory 308
Biology Jeremiah Hackett Associate Professor, Ecology/Evolutionary Biology hackettj@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7514 Bio. Sci. West 306
Business Economics Todd Neumann Lecturer, Economics tcn@email.arizona.edu 520-621-4135 McClelland Hall 401QQ
Business Management Suzanne Delaney Senior Lecturer, Management/Organizations delaney@email.arizona.edu 520-621-2045 McClelland Hall 405N
Care, Health, and Society

Brian Mayer

Associate Professor, Sociology



Social Sciences  432
Chemical and Environmental Engineering Paul Blowers Associate Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering blowers@engr.arizona.edu 520-626-5319 Harshbarger 105B
Chemistry John Pollard

Professor, Chemistry, Biochemistry & Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs, Honors College

jpollard@email.arizona.edu 520-621-8843 Slonaker House 106
Classics Rob Groves Visiting Assistant Professor, Classics groves@email.arizona.edu 520-621-1689 LSB 211

Jake Harwood

Professor, Communication


520-621‐1366 Communication 107
Computer Science Richard Snodgrass Associate Professor, Computer Science rts@cs.arizona.edu 520-621-4317 Gould-Simpson 730
Creative Writing Ander Monson (Term ends June 2019) Associate Professor, English ander@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7405 Modern Languages 445
Creative Writing

Manuel Muñoz

Associate Professor, English



Modern Languages 484

Dance James Clouser Visiting Associate Professor, Dance jclouser@email.arizona.edu 520-626-5553 Gittings 121
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Jeremiah Hackett Associate Professor, Ecology/Evolutionary Biology hackettj@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7514 Bio. Sci. West 306
Economics John Drabicki Associate Professor, Economics drabicki@eller.arizona.edu 520-621-4221 McClelland Hall 401D

Paul Hurh

Associate Professor


520-621-1836 Modern Languages 445
Entomology Patricia Stock Professor, Entomology spstock@email.arizona.edu 520-626-3854 Marley 741B
Entrepreneurship Carlos Alsua Academic Director, McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship alsua@email.arizona.edu 520-626-2193 McClelland Hall 116
Environmental Sciences Joan Curry Associate Professor curry@ag.arizona.edu 520-626-5081 Saguaro Hall 309
Environmental & Water Resource Economics

Bonnie Colby

Professor, Agricultural‐Resource Economics


520-621-4775 McClelland Hall 301L
Family Studies and Human Development Adam Clark Assistant Professor adamclark@email.arizona.edu 520-621-1075 McClelland Hall 401H
Film and Television/Media Arts Beverly Seckinger Professor, School of Theatre/Film and Television bsecking@email.arizona.edu 520-621-1239 Marshall 229
French Aurelia Mouzet Associate Professor, French and Italian aureliam@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7349 Modern Languages 549
Gender and Women's Studies Patricia MacCorquodale Professor, Gender and Women's Studies pmac@u.arizona.edu 520-621-2848 University Terrace
Geography and Regional Development

Sallie Marston




ENR2 S431

Geosciences Barbara Carrapa Professor, Geosciences bcarrapa@email.arizona.edu 520-621-5011 Gould-Simpson 303
German Studies Barbara Kosta Department Head & Professor, German Studies bkosta@email.arizona.edu 520-621-1799 Learning Services Bldg 304
Global Studies David Pietz Professor, East Asian Studies
Director, Global Studies Program
dpietz@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7505 Learning Services Bldg 105
Government and Public Policy Suzanne Dovi Associate Professor, Government and Public Policy sdovi@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7094 Social Sciences 315
History Kevin Gosner Associate Professor kgosner@email.arizona.edu 520-621-1168 Cesar E. Chavez Bldg 428
Italian Aurelia Mouzet Associate Professor, French and Italian aureliam@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7349 Modern Languages 549
Journalism Nancy Sharkey Professor of Practice, Journalism nsharkey@email.arizona.edu 520-621-6385 Marshall 332
Judaic Studies David Graizbord Associate Professor, Judaic Studies dlgraizb@email.arizona.edu 520-626-5784 Louise Foucar Marshall Bldg. 420
Latin American Studies Colin Deeds Assistant Director, Latin American Studies colind@email.arizona.edu 520-626-7242 Harvill 341
Law Keith Swisher Director, BA in Law keithswisher@email.arizona.edu 520-621-1373 College of Law 118B
Linguistics Diane Ohala Associate Professor, Linguistics ohalad@email.arizona.edu 520-626-5984 Douglass 210
Management Information Systems Bill Neumann Senior Lecturer, MIS wtn@arizona.edu 520-621-5169 McClelland Hall 430
Marketing Jesper Nielson Associate Professor, Marketing jesper@eller.arizona.edu 520-621-4902 McClelland Hall 320S
Mathematics Kirti Joshi Associate Professor, Mathematics kirti@math.arizona.edu 520-621-2743 Math 609A
Mexican American Studies and Research Center Antonio Estrada Head, Mexican American and Raza Studies aestrada@email.arizona.edu 520-621-5121 Chavez 208C
Microbiology Fiona McCarthy Associate Professor, Animal & Comp. Biomedical Sciences fionamcc@email.arizona.edu 520-626-7321 ACBS 102A
Middle Eastern and North African Studies Maha Nassar Assistant Professor, Near Eastern Studies mtnassar@email.arizona.edu 520-626-5189 Louis Foucar Marshall Bldg. 440
Molecular and Cellular Biology

Susan Jorstad

Assistant Professor of Practice



Biological Sciences West, 147

Music/Music Performance/Music Education

Moisés Paiewonsky

Associate Professor, Music



Music 127

Musical Theatre Deanna Fitzgerald Associate Professor, School of Theatre/Film and Television & Associate Director, Theatre Programs deannaf@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7076 Drama 239
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science Ulises Ricoy, PhD

NSCS Program Director

ricoy@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7215 Gould-Simpson 624A
Nursing Melissa Goldsmith Clinical Associate Professor, Nursing mgoldsmi@email.arizona.edu 520-626-6756 Nursing 241
Philosophy Marga Reimer Professor, Philosophy reimer@email.arizona.edu 520-626-9341 Social Sciences 216A
Philosophy, Politics, Economics, and Law

Michael Gill

Professor, Philosophy



Social Sciences 208
Physics Drew Milsom Senior Lecturer, Physics milsom@email.arizona.edu 520-621-2678 PAS 441
Physiology Cindy Rankin Lecturer, Physiology crankin@email.arizona.edu 520-621-3104 Bio. Sci. West 274
Plant Sciences Dennis Ray Professor, Plant Sciences dtray@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7612 Forbes 415D


Matthias Mehl



Professor, Psychology
Adjunct Associate Professor, Communication
Associate Professor, Evelyn F Mcknight Brain Institute
Professor, Family Studies-Human Development

mehl@email.arizona.edu 520-626-2374 Psychology 31
Religious Studies Karen Seat Director, Religious Services Program kkseat@email.arizona.edu 520-626-5152 Learning Services Building 227
Retail and Consumer Sciences Sabrina Helm Associate Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences
Associate Professor, PetSmart
helm@email.arizona.edu 520-621-7130 McClelland Park 425A
Russian and Slavic Studies John Leafgren Department Head, Russian/Slavic Studies leafgren@email.arizona.edu 520-621-5825 Learning Services Building 334
School of Information Clayton Morrison Associate Professor, School of Information claytonm@email.arizona.edu 520-621-6609 Gould-Simpson 819
Sociology Jeffrey Sallaz Associate Professor, Sociology jsallez@email.arizona.edu 520-621-3531 Social Sciences 400
Sustainable Built Environments Ladd Keith Chair, Sustainable Built Environments ladd@email.arizona.edu 520-621-0804 Architecture Building A303
Theatre Arts/ Theatre Production David Yarnelle

Assistant Professor of Practice, School of Theatre/Film and Television 


yarnelle@email.arizona.edu 520-621-3771 Marshall Bldg 235
Veterinary Science Fiona McCarthy Associate Professor, Animal and Comp. Biomedical Sciences fionamcc@email.arizona.edu 520-626-7321 ACBS 102A

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