HNRS 295G-001: Global Diversity & Voices



Headshot of Nadia Alvarez Mexia

Instructor: Nadia Alvarez Mexia     
Tue/Thur | 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM | In-Person
Fall 2024


This Gen Ed- Building Connections course offers a tapestry environment where different undergraduate and professional identities and voices from around the world discuss and interact with critical dialogues related to local and global academic, social, and governmental agendas. The definition of tapestry for this course means how local and global citizens weave their cultural and social realities with rich, often varicolored voices and identities, including their own. Additionally, the course embraces a multilingual environment where other languages, besides English, can be used as sources of knowledge, expertise, and access to different references and sources to contribute to this community of learners.