Business Office forms at the Honors College and the University of Arizona.

          Worksheet for information necessary for DCC volunteer requests. 

          Form for requesting to checkout the Honors Department PCard. 

          Form for information needed for Honors Extracurricular faculty events and field trips.

          Diagram displaying the organizational  structure of the Honors College.

          Form for new Honors College faculty, staff, and student hires.

          Requirements, process, and request form for professional development.

          Multi-purpose form to process purchases and reimbursements for P-Card, travel and expense reimbursements, and payment of invoices.  

          To determine if an individual qualifies as an independent contractor.

          To arrange for an entertainer who will be performing for the UA when the cost will be less than $1,000.

          To contract with an entertainer who will be performing for the UA when the cost will be greater than $1,000.

          Authorization to use personal vehicles on UA business consent form.

          Justification form for Procurement and Contracting sole source purchases.

          Facilitates the coordination of events and expenses related to Honors student clubs.

          Form for information necessary for telework requests.

          Schedule for retaining and disposing of various official record types.

          To obtain a Federal Taxpayer ID number from vendor to whom the University will pay.

          An assumption of risk and release form for Honors students participating in Honors trips.