Oct. 27, 2022
headshot of jayne reines

Jayne Reines is a senior studying Applied Humanities with an emphasis in Public Health and minoring in Health and Human Values and Thematic Pre-med. Jayne is involved in Franke Honors Ambassadors, Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-Health Professional Honorary, Health and Human Values Club, Alpha Delta Pi Sorority, and Honors Early Assurance Program Cohort 3. 

Where is your hometown and home state? 

I was born in Denver, CO but I only lived there for about 3 years. I've moved around the world, living in the Manila, Philippines; Cape Town, South Africa; London, England; Sydney, Australia; and I've lived in Seattle, WA and San Diego, CA. 

What do you do for fun? 

I like to spend my free time thrifting and I especially like collecting vinyl records from the 1960s through the 1980s/90s and I make crafts with old photo slides. I'm also a movie fan, I like to watch classic movies from the 1980s and 1990s plus go to the theater and see new films that are being released (especially horror!). I really like to cook and bake. Currently for the start of Fall, my go-to meal is a pumpkin-goat cheese pasta dish I came up with and pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies. 

Have you or are you involved in research? 

I'm currently working with Dr. Kristy Slominski in the College of Humanities Department of Religious Studies and Classics. I'm working with Dr. Slominski and two other undergraduate students to conduct research for a potential future course offered to pre-medical students that focuses on the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section of the MCAT. I am researching, analyzing, and collecting passages that focus on the intersection of religion and medicine then developing practice questions based on these passages. I am also working on my honors thesis project with Dr. Hester Oberman and completing it within my Health and Human Values Minor. My thesis focuses on identifying general death and dying beliefs held by adherents to common religions in Southern Arizona for the education of healthcare providers in this area. I intend to create a resource for healthcare providers in Southern Arizona to help begin conversations about death beliefs with their patients and inform about educational and support resources available in this area. Currently, I am in the process of developing a research paper to submit to the 2023 Conference on Medicine and Religion and submitting a panel application along with Dr. Oberman and two other UA undergraduate students. 

What is something you have done or participated in during your time at the University of Arizona that you are especially proud of: 

I am especially proud of my acceptance to the MedCats Honors Early Assurance Program to UA COMT and my participation in the summer program associated with it. My acceptance is the culmination of four years of hard work and dedication, but also the beginning of a new journey towards achieving my personal and professional goals. 

What has been your favorite Honors course or experience that you have been involved with? 

I have two favorite parts of my Franke Honors experience. Professionally, the Franke Honors Ambassadors. I have been a member since my freshman year and my participation as an ambassador has been integral in my personal and professional growth. I have been provided the opportunity to improve my leadership, critical thinking and problem solving, communication, public speaking, and organization skills. Academically, participating in the Health and Human Values minor. This program has guided my interest in medicine and transformed my perspective of the role of a physician within society. One of my HHV elective classes, Dr. Oberman's PSY 336, has guided my awareness of and interest in the interactions between religion and health, and has guided my honors thesis topic. 

What are your plans after graduation? 

After graduation, I will be matriculating into the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Tucson. I'm currently interested in pursuing a Primary Care specialty (family medicine or pediatrics) with a particular interest in working in a rural and/or medically underserved area. 

What message do you have for other Franke Honors students on how to find their own success? 

Be open to every opportunity that comes your way! You never know what you might learn, who you might meet, or where it might take you. Some of my favorite and most rewarding experiences in the Franke Honors College and U of A are those that I never planned to or foresaw myself participating in or saying yes to.