Rebecca Clapham

close up headshot of student wearing black with glasses

Major(s): Psychology
Hometown: Chandler, AZ
PATH Mentoring Experience: 1st Year Mentor​​​​​​​
I Mentor Because… I started as a mentee and having that relationship with my mentor and fellow mentees helped me a lot in feeling more comfortable with campus life and finding new opportunities. I know that the transition into college can be overwhelming and I would like to support others in this position so that they can have a successful and exciting first year! I also understand what it is like to go to a new place and hardly know anyone, so would I love to help mentees find that connection with others, starting with their new friends in PATH.​​​​​​​
Five Unique Topics of Support: Finding Clubs, Developing Study Habits, Places to Relax, Resume Development/Support, Understanding Degree Requirements