Capstone Advisor

Older advisor excitedly explaining something to a student

You will work closely with a faculty advisor of your choosing when completing your honors thesis/capstone.

Your faculty advisor will help you to develop a research plan, outline goals, and delineate which thesis/capstone components should be written during each of the two semesters (with the understanding that the effort put forth and the quality of work completed during each semester can receive a separate grade). It is also the responsibility of the advisor to set a deadline for a draft of the thesis/capstone so that you will have enough time to make any necessary changes to the final document. Your faculty advisor may also guide you in the presentation of the final thesis/capstone during a departmental function or showcase.

You will select your thesis/capstone advisor from the department in which you are intending to graduate with honors. A thesis/capstone advisor should be a tenure-track faculty member in that department, and cannot be a staff member, adjunct faculty member or visiting professor. You may select a thesis/capstone advisor who is not a member of the department from which you are intending to graduate with honors only with that department's approval. The Honors Faculty Advisor for your department will be responsible for reviewing and making a decision about your request. The W. A. Franke Honors College will reach out to that individual, after receiving your prospectus form, in order to obtain feedback about your request. You are also welcome to reach out to your department's Honors Faculty Advisor proactively, in order to make sure they support your request before you submit your prospectus.

As you are completing courses in your freshman through junior years, embrace opportunities to get to know your professors. You will later be able to contact these professors when you are narrowing down your options for a thesis/capstone advisor. Most departments have an official Honors Faculty Advisor who can help connect you with a potential thesis/capstone advisor if you are unsure how to get started.