Enrollment Policies

Maintaining Enrollment

Academic Progress: A student who is inactivated from Honors after being placed on University academic probation is able to self-nominate for reentry into the Honors College after raising the GPA to 3.4 or higher.  A final cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher is required in order to graduate with Honors. 

Students are expected to progress through the Honors curriculum in order to maintain enrollment in the Franke Honors College. 

Appeal Disqualification: The Honors College recognizes extreme circumstances may prohibit a student from successfully completing required seminars (HNRS 195) or the student's GPA may fall below the required threshold. Therefore, the Honors College has established an appeals process to accommodate those students who wish to retain their Honors candidacy. 

Students wishing to appeal loss of candidacy for Honors graduation will submit the online "Honors Loss of Eligibility Appeal Form", a personal statement, and any supporting documents within 10 days of notification of loss of Honors candidacy. A ten-day application period ensures that the Appeals Committee will have time to review the application and respond to the student prior to the refund deadline of the Honors College fee. The Appeals Committee will be chaired by Honors faculty and staff. Acceptable reasons to request an appeal include:

  • Student's mental or physical illness, injury, or disability 
  • Family emergencies, including the death of a family member 
  • Other extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student

If the appeal is approved, the student will meet with their Honors academic advisor to set reasonable expectations and timeline to reach established goals as recommended by the Appeals Committee. If the appeal is rejected, the student will become ineligible to continue/graduate with Honors. All decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.  

Honors Code of Conduct: Honors students are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. Students who violate the University's Code of Conduct or Code of Academic Integrity may be placed on probation or removed from The Honors College. Students may also be removed from the College for intentional misuse or abuse of Honors privileges or resources. The Dean's decision can be appealed to the Provost.

Transition to Arizona Online or Leave of Absence from the Honors College: Students who switch to Arizona Online or takes a leave of absence from the University during this 2020-2021 academic year and missed no more than two consecutive regular semesters (fall and spring)  may return to Honors without applying for readmission with a possible credit reduction based on existing credit reduction policies.


Students may choose to withdraw from the Honors College by submitting a withdrawal request form. It is the student's responsibility to initiate this process. In order to qualify a refund of the semester's Honors fee, the withdrawal request must be submitted prior to the 21st calendar day of the semester. Withdrawal requests submitted after that date will not result in a fee refund for the current semester, but will prevent future semesters' charges.

Honors students who are not planning to graduate with honors are not required to formally withdraw from the Honors College prior to graduation. Students in good academic standing may maintain their enrollment in Honors throughout their undergraduate career, regardless of their progression toward honors graduation requirements.

Honors College membership comes with many privileges, which will no longer be available after withdrawing from Honors. These include:

  • Early registration with Honors students
  • Enrollment in Honors classes
  • Scholarships offered through The Honors College
  • Use of The Honors College computer lab
  • Any other Honors-specific benefits

Other notes:

  • Students who withdraw from the Honors College will not be dropped from their in-progress honors courses. Students who wish to withdraw from honors courses must adhere to university withdrawal policies and deadlines.  
  • Students who are not active in Honors may not enroll in honors courses or sections including Honors independent studies, Honors contracts, Honors sections of general education, and any other Honors courses. The exceptions to this policy are English 109H and certain lower-level math courses. Ability to take these courses is based on placement scores rather than Honors College enrollment.
  • Students who have withdrawn from the Honors College may rejoin at a later time via the Current Wildcat application process. Honors courses completed during the initial honors enrollment may not count toward the honors graduation requirement.