Franke Honors Convocation

Spring 2022 grads show off their graduation medallions


Family, friends, faculty, and staff gather together to congratulate our Franke Honors Wildcats for their incredible achievements during the Franke Honors Convocation ceremony. Convocation ceremonies take place each year in the fall and spring. This ceremony marks the transition from the completion of an undergraduate education to the beginning of something new. No matter where life take you next, just remember: you're now a Franke Honors Wildcat for life!

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The Spring 2024 W.A. Franke Honors Convocation Ceremony will take place on Thursday, May 9 at 1:00 PM in McKale Center.

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Invitations to graduates will be sent the week on March 11, 2024. We do not require tickets for this event. You are welcome to invite family and friends! We do ask that you provide an estimated number of guests when you RSVP, for planning purposes. 

In an effort to reduce waste, we will only have digital programs available at the ceremony. If you or your guests would like print copies as keepsakes, we will provide a QR code where you can easily order copies of the program at no cost to you. The programs will be delivered to the address you provide after the ceremony. 

Deadline to RSVP is April 9, 2024 


For questions regarding graduation requirements and thesis submission, contact your Franke Honors Advisor

For questions regarding the May 9 event at McKale Center, contact Megan Noli

For information regarding University of Arizona Commencement, click here


Students will be asked to RSVP and provide some information to personalize the ceremony. Each graduate will help build a slide that will appear on screen as they cross the stage at Convocation. Students will be asked to provide the following:  

1. A picture or headshot of themselves (not a group shot) to be included in the Convocation Ceremony presentation. Below are the photo requirements:

  • Please provide the largest image size possible. These images will be cropped to a 4:4 aspect ratio. 
  • Images should be at least 150-300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). 
  • For image editing and resizing, please use either Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr or PicMonkey. 
  • The images will be displayed on a large screen during Convocation. If they are not high resolution files, they will appear pixelated. 
  • Candid shots are acceptable but pictures of you looking at the camera are preferred. 
  • If you choose not to provide a picture, a generic image will appear with your name on it as you walk across the stage of the Honors Convocation. 
  • For assistance with your photo, please contact Joel Harris at

2. The title of their Franke Honors Thesis

3. Special “Thank You” message to family, friends and/or UArizona faculty or staff

4. Post-graduation plans and other information for Franke Honors College informational purposes. 
(This information will not appear during the ceremony)

The ceremony usually lasts about two hours, though fall is typically a shorter ceremony since we usually have fewer graduates. 

Faculty, staff, and student awardees from the Franke Honors College will speak, and graduates will cross the stage to receive their Franke Honors Medallions. 


The Franke Honors Medallion is offered in recognition of the monumental achievements of our Franke Honors graduates. Cast in copper and featuring the awe-inspiring Sonoran Desert, it is a physical reminder that, no matter where life takes them after they cross the stage today, our graduates are Franke Honors Wildcats for life and will always have a home at the University of Arizona. 

Yes! We provide captioning for all speakers and/or live ASL interpreters for all speakers. When we choose out venues, we ensure there are multiple accessible entrance and seating options. If you have specific questions about accessibility, please reach out to Megan Noli, Event Coordinator. 

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