Recently-Promoted Science Scholar And Instructor Pursues The Mysteries Of Learning

Oct. 31, 2018


Now promoted to Assistant Dean’, Academic Affairs of the Honors College, John Pollard is on a mission to equip peers and students to succeed even in demanding courses and majors. The force behind the UA Learning Initiative “Collaborative Learning Space movement,” Dr. Pollard’s unbridled enthusiasm is no secret on campus.

To Pollard, all of it has led him to this point, where multiplying his skills and insights through others is the aim. Uncommon for accomplished scholars but powerful in the Honors College setting, Pollard’s influence centers on cheering and challenging undergraduates to make the most of every moment on campus. Even if “Ligand Effects and Periodic Trends in Metal-Metal Multiple Bonds” is alien to some, Pollard’s connection with students is easy to observe.  And a beautiful mystery in and of itself.