Beyond The Zombies: Nine Ways To Rebuild Civilization, According To Dean Terry Hunt

Nov. 7, 2018


With the staggering success of The Walking Dead has come a resurgence of interest in worst-case scenarios for humanity. A recent Live Science feature story showcases a cadre of bright minds that understand what it takes to survive and build a civilization: Nine essential steps were the focus.

Dr. Terry Hunt, dean of the University of Arizona Honors College, entered the fray with his insights, including the need for a group of about 20 survivors to emerge from any natural or human disaster. Ensuring some level of genetic diversity is part of the reason, as is having enough boots on the ground to get the work done.

With extensive experience as an anthropologist studying Rapa Nui (Easter Island), Dr. Hunt has explored numerous "what if" scenarios connected with human survival. While a zombie apocalypse hadn't previously been among him, the principles and practices brought to this nightmarish world are practically bulletproof.