Oct. 28, 2020


Name: Gaby Gubka

Major(s): Physiology

Minors: English

Year in school: Junior

Hometown: Chandler, AZ

Clubs/Organizations: PSIO club, Recurring volunteer with Make-a-Wish Arizona

Leisure Pursuits: I'm a sucker for films — I especially love to watch old and foreign films. I also oil paint in my free time.

Research Projects: I'm a part of the ADAPT lab under Dr. Patricia Haynes where we're currently focused on establishing a connection between unemployment, chronic sleep restriction, and obesity.

Plans after graduation: I'm planning on completing my master's in healthcare delivery after graduation and then going to medical school the year after that.


What is something you have done during your time at UA of which you are especially proud?

I'm especially proud to be a TA for Intro. to Biology labs (MCB 181L) — I'm able to help fellow undergraduates understand a topic I'm really passionate about. I'm also being constantly immersed in the world of biology and opened up to new ways of understanding and teaching biology-based concepts.

What message do you have for other Honors students on finding their own success?

I'd advise other Honors students to find a point of interest in their coursework. If they can feel interested or passionate about learning and studying a certain topic, it'll feel less like work and make classes more fulfilling.


"We are only a month into this semester and I already feel confident recognizing Gaby's strengths as a writer, a critical and creative thinker, a class participant, and an inspiration to her peers. Gaby demonstrated leadership by being the first in a class of bright and motivated students, many of them HHV minors, to share her work in class, on short notice, while we were struggling with topic and thesis building. Her leading the way encouraged others to take the plunge and I am certain her contribution in this regard has raised the bar in the class at large. Gaby has furthermore contributed—kindly, thoughtfully, eagerly—too small group workshops. Her suggestions to her peers are striking: in the group we find ourselves marveling at the leaps of thought she suggests and encourages others to make. In a large group discussion, Gaby is consistently thoughtful and considerate. She listens well and is genuinely interested in the ideas of others. Having read my first batch of essays, I can say with certainty that Gaby's is the most mature, the most accomplished, and the most forward-thinking. Gaby is double majoring in Physiology and English. She is a preceptor for MCB 181L--an Intro to Biology lab. She is also a recurring volunteer for Make-a-Wish Arizona (since 2015). I'm delighted to learn that Gaby also draws and paints and has had a few works on display at small exhibits. Gaby was awarded 2nd Place at Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (AZSEF) in 2018 for research in Behavioral Sciences, specifically regarding possible diagnostic criteria for dissociative amnesia. I very much look forward to working further with this bright, motivated, inspiring, and multi-faceted student."

– Patrick Baliani, Honors College Professor 



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