Nov. 4, 2020


Name: Jonny Baham

Major(s): Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Minors: Math, Criminal Justice (thematic)

Year in school: Senior

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Clubs/Organizations: Arizona Athletics (Beach Volleyball Team), Mental Health Ambassadors

Leisure Pursuits: I play my ukulele and sing! I also like to write poetry. When I am at home in California, I spend most of my days at the beach with friends and playing beach volleyball.

Research Projects: Yes, I am currently completing my thesis project in the TMS Lab under Dr. Chou. This is my fourth semester in this lab. Two summers ago I worked in a lab under Dr. Davey Smith at UCSD studying HIV.

Plans after graduation:  After graduation, I plan to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology to study mental disorders.


What is something you have done during your time at UA of which you are especially proud?

I am a Mental Health Ambassador representative for my team. I work with the other Mental Health Ambassadors through the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee to plan events aimed at normalizing the conversation around mental health and making sure athletes are aware of the mental health resources available to them.

What message do you have for other Honors students on finding their own success?

I would advise Honors students to get involved on campus with something you are passionate about. While good grades are important, it is not the only important thing. The only way to make connections is to talk to people!



"Jonny is a 4.0 Neuroscience & Cognitive Science major with Mathematics and Criminal Justice minors. In addition, she competes as an NCAA student-athlete on the Beach Volleyball team. In order to maintain the rigor of her academic program and student-athlete commitment, Jonny embodies the Honors College values every single day. She then utilizes her "spare time" interning with the TMS Research Lab on campus, developing professional mentorships, and studying for the GRE, in pursuit of a furthering her education and career in cognitive sciences."

– Kelly Amsler, Mentor



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