Oct. 6, 2021

The following Scholarships are new (or opening soon) on Scholarship Universe

The Fisher & Compton Enrichment Award - up to $1,000

The donors’ intent is to enrich your educational experience by enabling you do something you otherwise would be unable to do. It will pay for something extra, something special related to your education you otherwise could not afford. For example, that enrichment could be realized by extending your study abroad stay, perhaps enabling you to visit another country; by funding a trip to a special library or collection you have not been able to visit; by purchasing a piece of equipment or a software license that allows you to do something more; by letting you purchase an expensive art book that you need; or by visiting an expert in your field. The award does not cover tuition, housing, or meals, nor is it meant to pay bills. Awardees will be chosen based on merit, financial need, and on the answer to the essay question below. Preference will be given to Pell Grant recipients.
Application open, closes 11/15/21

Study Abroad Awards for Winter 2021/Spring 2022 - up to $1,500

This scholarship funds credit-bearing study abroad experiences for Honors students. Students will be judged on their ability to articulate all the required points in their personal essay and budget. Students that receive the scholarship are required to write a thank you to a donor upon completion of the program.
*** Please note this is not a scholarship for any of the Honors Trips, that is a separate application you will have access to after being accepted to the program.
Application open, closes 11/1/21

Honors Internship Awards for Winter 2021-Spring 2022 - up to $1,000

This award funds credit or non-credit bearing internships for Honors students. Students will be judged by a committee of Honors staff and faculty on their ability to articulate all the required points in their essay questions and budget as well as the quality of their letter of reference.
Application opens 10/15/21 and closes 11/15/21

Honors Village Spring 2022 Award - from $500-$1,000

This scholarship is intended for Honors students who wish to start living in the Honors Village as of Spring 2022 or for students who did not apply for support for Fall 2021.
Application opens 10/15/21 and closes 11/15/21

Honors Professional Development Awards, Round 2 - up to $400

Students may receive a maximum of $400 through the Honors Professional Development Awards. Examples of professional development include but are not limited to conferences, workshops, interviews, tests, professional society memberships, and the purchase of professional clothing (maximum for clothing is $100). This award does not support test prep or test prep materials, but will support test fees (up to $100). If equipment is requested, the equipment becomes University of Arizona property after the student has completed use. The professional development opportunity should be unique and tied to a specific opportunity. Students may not apply for the Professional Development Award retroactively.
Application open, closes 10/31/21

Honors Thesis Awards, Round 2 - up to $1,000

The Honors Thesis Award is available to students who are working on their Honors thesis. You must include a letter of support from your thesis advisor. This letter should directly address your funding request, how these funds are critical to thesis completion, and whether the requested funds or resources might be available through any other sources. In most cases, thesis awards cannot be used to provide monetary incentives to research participants. Students may receive a maximum of $1,000.
Application open, closes 10/31/21

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