Nov. 17, 2021


Name: Jordan Pilch

Majors: Molecular and Cellular Biology and Microbiology

Minor: Mathematics

Year in school: Senior

Hometown: Tucson, Arizona

Clubs/Organizations: College of Science Ambassadors, BIO5 Public Affairs Student Worker

Leisure Pursuits: I enjoy painting, reading, sewing, and playing video games. 

Research Projects:  I am working with Dr. Molly Bolger in her science education research lab conducting a literature review on curriculum design elements that enhance inquiry based learning through modeling.

Plans after graduation: I plan to work in informal STEM education either here at the University of Arizona or at a museum or another state school depending on where my partner is accepted for dental school. I am so excited to get to inspire other science students and provide resources and excitement to those that may not get to experience something like this on their own.


What has been your favorite Honors course or experience that you have been involved with?

I lived in Arbol my freshman year and all of my successes in college have stemmed from living there. I met my partner who I have been with for three years now living in Arbol at the same time. I met my best friend who was my randomly assigned roommate. I talked with my RAs and spent time getting to know the ins and outs of housing, later applying and being accepted for an RA role and then becoming a Lead RA.

What is something you have done during your time at the University of Arizona of which you are especially proud?

I am very proud to be a College of Science Ambassador. Getting to show off how amazing the University of Arizona is and encouraging future generations to critically explore our natural world is something I deeply enjoy and has pushed me to learn more about the world around me.

What message do you have for other Honors students on finding their own success?

College has millions of opportunities and they will all come your way as you progress throughout your years. Never immediately say no to any of them. Think about your schedule, your future goals, and your wants and critically examine if this opportunity is right for you. Only then make your decision and know that if it turns out to be too much, a huge part of succeeding is knowing when to stop and how to step down graciously.


"Jordan is an amazing student and person! She has been a MCB Ambassador for the past 2 years (and was my most informed, enthused, and willing ambassador ever!) and then was promoted to College of Science Ambassador for the 2021-22 school year. Jordan is an impressive and genuine person who actively seeks out challenges and experiences that contribute to her personal growth. She also has a robust pride in being a Wildcat and is an active part of the University of Arizona. Not only is Jordan a stellar honor student who maintains a high GPA, she also uses her time away from academics serving the University of Arizona and Tucson community. She has worked extensively for the MCB department and is always ready to assist with any events or outreach opportunities. Jordan is very involved within the BIO5 community, working in two roles: as a Public Affairs Student Assistant and also as a Resident Assistant for the KEYS program. Additionally she enjoys volunteering her time working within the Tucson community and has worked with SARSEF, the American Diabetes Association, the Tucson Meet Yourself festival, and the El Tour De Tucson bike race in the past. Jordan has continuously sought out experiences and opportunities to broaden her knowledge and increase her personal growth while also maintaining academic excellence. Jordan is a fine example of a student who has taken advantage of all opportunities presented to her with passion and excitement. She is always ready with a smile and a greeting when you meet her and is truly an asset to our department and the University of Arizona."

– Kara Dyson, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Senior Academic Advisor I



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