Dec. 8, 2021


Photo by Gabriel Benois on Unsplash


In this 6-week COIL experience you will work closely with students at the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM) on a shared project relevant to the field of international relations. COIL is an educational model that brings students and faculty from two or more higher education institutions together to learn, discuss, and collaborate through virtual means. Learn more about the COIL model. Bringing together students and faculty located in different countries or cultural settings allows us to learn from the backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives of international peers and colleagues, and research has shown that intercultural communication can be practiced through COIL experiences.

Through a mix of asynchronous and synchronous sessions you will work closely with UDEM students to develop a presentation on a key topic relevant to the field of international relations selected by your team. This collaborative project affords a unique opportunity to practice the skills of intercultural competency as you work alongside peers from a variety of disciplinary and cultural positions. Throughout the project you will be guided to reflect on the process and analyze its implications for cultural competency, drawing on course concepts and ideas. We look forward to having you onboard!