April 13, 2023
8-bit graphic design saying "Quest Project" and "Adventure begins..." below

The Franke Honors Quest Program is an opportunity to collaborate with a faculty member on a research project and present the results of your work.

On April 18, more than 100 students from the W.A. Franke Honors college will climb to the summit of academic and creative achievement, presenting their research projects at the annual Franke Honors Pinnacle showcase.

Franke Honors Pinnacle is an opportunity for students to present their research and creative projects to friends, family, and the broader University of Arizona community, with poster boards chronicling their entire journey from concept to finish. The presenters represent a mix of different projects from a wide range of disciplines—from fourth-year Wildcats presenting their long-awaited theses, to first-year, second-year, and transfer students who wanted to get a jumpstart on their research through the Franke Honors Quest program.  

Research programming like Quest is part of what defines the W.A. Franke Honors College undergraduate experience. The program encourages students who are in their first or second year to participate in a research project of their choice, based on something they are genuinely passionate about.

Quest projects can be in the form of traditional academic research, community/advocacy projects, or creative initiatives, and are conducted under the guidance of a faculty mentor.

One of the unique aspects of Quest is that a student's chosen research or creative project doesn't need to be related directly to their chosen major. For instance, if a STEM student has a flair for the creative, within Quest they can choose their own adventure, and pursue a research topic that leans into artistic expression. Unhindered by traditional academic discipline boundaries, these projects often lead students to personal discovery that positively impacts their academic trajectory. 

Curious about how research can take shape across several different disciplines? Here’s a sneak peek at some student work, before it's presented at Pinnacle!

Interested in seeing more student research? Join us at the Franke Honors Pinnacle showcase!

Pinnacle is a special event hosted by the W.A. Franke Honors College that highlights incredible Franke Honors student research, including the Honors Thesis work of our Franke Honors graduating seniors and the work of Quest participants. Outstanding research will be acknowledged with financial award for Quest projects, senior thesis work, and creative video representations of senior research.

Tuesday, April 18th | 1:00 - 3:00 PM | Bear Down Gym