We Celebrate! Franke Honors Spring '24 Convocation Awardees

May 7, 2024
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On May 9 at McKale Memorial Center, the W.A. Franke Honors College will be celebrating the spring graduating class of 2024. Every semester, we acknowledge select students that have exemplified the values of the college; what it means to seek, connect, create, evolve and celebrate, both personally and academically. The Outstanding Senior, Outstanding Transfer, and Dean's Award of Excellence are chosen via nominations from Franke Honors faculty & staff, and are awarded to graduating seniors that have embodied a spirit of inquiry, pursued their passions, and overcome adversity throughout their time in honors. Let's congratulate these students on their incredible accomplishments!


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Catherine Broski

W.A. Franke Honors College Outstanding Senior, 2024

Catherine Broski, a senior from Goodyear, Arizona is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Science in Geography, and also carries Spanish and Thematic Minors. A Flinn Scholar and active student leader within the Franke Honors College and beyond, Catherine has a commitment to interdisciplinarity and collaboration that underpins her work.  

Catherine is a committed bridge-builder who seeks to connect people and organizations across differences in age, education, and economic status. Her internship with Net Zero Urban Water Research, mentoring role as a Mo’s Policy Scholar through the Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, and leadership in the Bio/Diversity Project to equip other college interns doing culturally relevant environmental science outreach to kids in grades six through nine illustrate this commitment.   

A PATH mentor, Catherine also serves as an Arizona Ambassador and a Philanthropy Co-Chair for the Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity. Her service as a Research Fellow with the Tucson Prosperity Workshop focused on increasing access to clean energy incentives for low-income renters in Pima County. Catherine, who aspires to lead community-engaged, interdisciplinary research, will pursue graduate studies in public policy or geography in the future.   

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Justin Begay

W.A. Franke Honors College Outstanding Transfer Student, 2024

Justin Begay, a senior from Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology. A member of the Navajo Nation who transferred to the University of Arizona from Mohave Community College, Justin was named the MCC Most Outstanding Student in 2022 and entered the University of Arizona as a member of the All-Arizona Academic Team. Justin, who began his academic journey late in life, is a first-generation student from a working-class family who has a deep commitment to service and mentorship. This commitment drives his involvement in educational psychology research as a McNair Achievement Scholar, service as a Franke Honors Ambassador and Active Minds participant as well as leadership as President of the Transfer Advisory Board for Students in Franke Honors College.  

A veteran of the United States Navy, Justin was selected as a Gilman Scholar and a Udall Scholar because of his potential to be an excellent ambassador and leader who advocates for underserved populations to have opportunities to grow, learn, and contribute. Justin will enter the PhD program in Educational Psychology at the University of Arizona, strengthening his toolkit for the work he hopes to do in encouraging and mentoring Native American students at the high school and college level. 

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Andrew Prouty

W.A. Franke Honors College Dean’s Award of Excellence, 2024

Andrew Prouty, a senior from Chandler, Arizona, is majoring in Physiology and Medical Sciences with a minor in Community Health. Andrew has been a leader in the W.A. Franke Honors College, serving as a PATH mentor and then as the PATH Program Lead of Mentor Development and Leadership Curriculum. He has served as a Franke Honors Ambassador, an Honors Liaison, a member of the Franke Forum, and sat on multiple Honors committees. 

As a certified community health specialist, Andrew worked alongside medical professionals to deliver healthcare to individuals experiencing homelessness in the Tucson community. After recovering from a traumatic brain injury, Andrew worked as a clinical intern to facilitate the active rehabilitation of TBI patients and conducted clinical research focused on better understanding objective predictors of persistent post-concussion symptoms. 

These commitments demonstrate his empathy and concern for others, as well as his desire to use his education to improve equity and accessibility in healthcare. He has pushed through his own obstacles and challenges to lead and serve with passion, joy, and a keen sense of purpose. Andrew is excited to start medical school here at the College of Medicine - Tucson as a member of the Honors Early Assurance Program. 

Ethical Reasoning Award Winners

The Ethical Reasoning Award was created to promote the inclusion of ethics related to students’ honors thesis projects. The goal is to stimulate students to consider and contextualize the role that ethics and ethical reasoning plays in their area of study. Ultimately, we hope that students are encouraged to engage with a diversity of ethical perspectives while gaining greater insight into their own views, values, and beliefs in a culturally thoughtful way.