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If you're a student in Franke Honors, there's a good chance that we have the resource you're looking for or can connect you to the place that does. If none of the options on our research page fit the bill, or if you're just not sure where to start, reach out to your Franke Honors Advisor to talk through the best options for your unique goals. 

You can also reach out to Tori Nardinelli, Assistant Director of Research, Creative Expression and Professional Initiatives. 

The University of Arizona 

Get to know the full scope of what is available at this Tier 1 research institution. Once you identify an opportunity you're excited about, work with your Franke Honors Advisor to find out how to get Honors credit for it. 

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Working with Human Subjects

If your research plans include working with human subjects, including distributing surveys, you may need to complete steps for the Human Subjects Protection Program (HSPP). HSPP may require trainings, forms, and submitting your proposal to the Institutional Review Board (IRB). If your rearch is for your Honors Thesis or Quest Project, be sure that your timeline includes room for these steps if necessary.

The HSSP folks have all the information you need about the process on their website.

In Particular, We Recommend These Resources:

Recording of IRB 101 Presentation 

HSPP Getting Started 


HSPP Top 10 Tips 

HSPP Forms 

eIRB Information (instructions on how to use our online submission portal)

HSPP Guidance Documents, specifically 

  • What is Human Research?
  • Classroom Research and  Independent Projects
  • Recruitment & Advertisement  
  • Informed Consent
  • Principal Investigator Responsibilities after  IRB Approval
  • Reportable New Information

We will host live IRB 101 Presentations at least once per semester, so keep an eye on our events calendar for those!

If your Honors Thesis faculty mentor is new to Human Subjects research and the IRB process, you can share this resource with them.

Additional Support

  • Check in with your faculty mentor to identify support in your major/college; you also can check out this information online by viewing funding options on your departmental and/or college website.
  • External organizations that offer research support for targeted projects: confer with your faculty mentor to identify potential sources.