Submitting Your Thesis

Fall 2023 Submission

Submit the final draft of the Honors Thesis to the Franke Honors College by Wednesday, December 6. 

Submit Your Honors Thesis

Submission Process

Toward the end of your second thesis semester, you will complete your Honors Thesis. You should be in regular contact with your Faculty Mentor to be sure that you are creating a final product in line with expectations set in your Prospectus Form. You should aim to submit your penultimate draft of your Thesis directly to your Thesis Faculty about three weeks before your final submission is due. This will allow your Faculty Mentor time to review your work and suggest revisions or edits, if necessary.

**Special notes for students in Engineering, Finance, Entrepreneurship, and Architecture: You will submit the final project for your Honors Thesis substitution courses (ENGR 498A&B, FIN 423A&B, ENTR 487,484 & 420L, or ARC 498). Please consult your course syllabi for due dates and submit your project (including title page, abstract, and artist statement or group member summary) on or before the last day of classes for the semester.

After you receive feedback from your Faculty Mentor and make any revisions they suggest, you must submit your Final Honors Thesis to the Franke Honors College approximately one week before the second semester a thesis units ends. 

Submission Checklist

Your Honors Thesis should be saved as a single pdf document that includes:

  • Thesis Title Page - Please refer to our Sample Title Page for detailed formatting instructions. Follow the guidelines very carefully - THIS FORMAT IS REQUIRED for the title page only. The body of your thesis can be in any format you choose. No signatures should appear on your title page. Your Faculty Mentor will be contacted by the Franke Honors College to provide their final official approval.
  • An abstract of roughly 200 words
  • Thesis paper/final report.
  • If your thesis was a group project (i.e., Engineering Senior Design Projects), please include a list of group members and a summary of each group member’s contribution to the project as a whole.
  • If your thesis is of an artistic or creative nature, please include an artist’s statement to accompany the final project.

Sharing Your Thesis

You have the option to release your Honors Thesis to the UA Campus Repository which is a publicly available and permanent online repository. Sharing in the repository is an opportunity to showcase your work for graduate schools, future employers, and other researchers in your field. Please check it out if you’d like to see past submissions. Your Honors Thesis Faculty Advisor will have to approve this release, so please discuss this option with them prior to final submission.

Not all Honors Theses should be shared in the repository. Examples include:

  • proprietary information from companies
  • research from campus labs that is not ready to be published
  • photographs/images that are copyrighted by others (need permissions to publish)
  • human subjects research / culturally sensitive data

If you have questions about sharing your thesis, please contact your Faculty Thesis Mentor or Kimberly Chapman ( at the UA Libraries.