Faculty Interactions

Student interacting with faculty

Honors faculty will push you to engage in hands-on activities, even with them side-by-side as they work on their own research projects.

Consisting of some of the best professors on campus, Honors faculty members are a crucial component of our tight-knit honors community. More than 60 of our best professors teach Honors First Year Seminars and serve as advisors to Honors students. You’ll also learn alongside Honors Interdisciplinary Faculty who create and teach courses exclusively for Honors students.

Your honors professors are much more than teachers. They are industry veterans who offer the advice and connections to help you navigate your career path. They are passionate researchers who may recruit you for their next big project. They are your fellow explorers as you take in new cultures on honors trips and excursions. And most importantly, they are your mentors who will challenge you, motivate you and help you grow.

Honors faculty embrace a collaborative approach to learning. You may work alongside them in the lab on a research project, participate in thoughtful dialogue on important issues facing society today or work together to map out a path towards your goals.

We carefully select our honors faculty members based on their credentials and enthusiastic engagement with students. With offices in the Honors Village, connecting with honors faculty when you need extra support is easy. Although they are some of the most intelligent minds on campus, they are also approachable and dedicated to your success.


Get to know some of the most accomplished individuals on campus – your honors faculty members.

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