Franke Honors Civic Leadership Certificate

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Franke Honors Civic Leadership Certificate

Prepare yourself for leadership in government, the community, and the private sector. 

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Civic engagement is a keystone of democracy.

Civic leaders are characterized by their ability to inspire others, be good stewards of the public trust, serve and empower others, build commitments, and mobilize citizens to collaborate and work toward better organizations, communities, and societies.  The Franke Honors Civic Leadership certificate is designed to engage a new generation of leaders who identify, analyze, and attempt to solve critical public issues through collaborative action. 

Through courses and an internship, you will develop competencies, self-knowledge and confidence to realize your potential. The certificate program will prepare you for a lifetime of effective leadership in a democratic society where leaders must balance the multiple and conflicting goals of efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, responsiveness, and equity. 

All majors can earn the certificate.

Students must complete 12 specific honors units to earn their certificate. Those include:

  • Two required courses (3 units each)
  • One additional course (3 units)
  • One Internship, HNRS 393H (3 units)

Required Courses:

Additional courses (choose 1):

HNRS 215: Leadership for the Common Good

 Full description to come. 

HNRS 336: Leadership in Organizations

Learn about what makes leaders most effective in organizational settings.

Questions about enrolling in the Civic Leadership Certificate? Contact your Franke Honors Advisor

For questions about the internship in particular, contact Tori Nardinelli