Explore Your Major (Pathways)

Align your honors studies with your degree path for a personalized journey that suits your goals.

Most majors provide a pathway for you to become more engaged in their discipline while completing major requirements and earning honors credit.

Some departments offer a structured honors course sequence with regular honors offerings each semester, while other offer honors courses on an unscheduled basis. Completion of honors courses through the major provides a unique opportunity to delve more deeply into course material, gain a more advanced understanding of your discipline, and develop valuable relationships with faculty members.

The W. A. Franke Honors College often partners with departments and colleges to offer jointly-designed courses that provide unique opportunities to Franke Honors students. These courses can fulfill degree requirements for students who are completing a major or minor through those departments, or can be taken by any other Franke Honors student for honors elective credit.

Engineering and pre-business majors are held to a separate set of honors requirements, which you can learn more about below.


Learn about the special requirements that apply to Franke students in the College of Engineering.

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Eller College of Management

Discover which Eller College of Management majors are approved for special honors thesis options.

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