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Service-Learning inspires lifelong civic engagement through an enriched understanding of diverse perspectives.

Service-learning allows W.A. Franke Honors College students to partner with community organizations that have identified a need. Students participate in these transformational service-learning experiences that enrich personal growth and social understanding while addressing concerns within our region. Students connect their academic and career goals to the hands-on learning available through service-learning coursework and critical reflection. 


The Franke Honors College prepares students who participate in community-based service for lifelong civic engagement and social responsibility so they can continue to address community needs in our complex global society.


Unlike traditional volunteer work, service-learning challenges students to move beyond the volunteer role and to connect academic curriculum in partnership with the community. College credit can be earned for the academic coursework associated with the service.


  • Hands-on learning: gain skills and real-world knowledge
  • Diverse lens: interact with diverse cultures and social issues
  • Personal growth: Interpersonal development
  • Authenticity: develop meaningful involvement with the local community 
  • Job Readiness

Want to get involved? Check out the Service-Learning options below or contact Cheree Meeks.

Honors Alternative Spring Break (HASB)

Join your Franke Honors College peers in exploring a local community need through service learning during your Spring Break.


Civic Engagement

Civic engagement is an important pillar of the W.A. Franke Honors College student experience.

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Honors Service Club

Connect with your peers in hands-on service experiences throughout the community.


Service-Learning Contract Option

The Service-Learning contract option challenges students to move beyond the volunteer role.

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Service-Learning Thesis Options

Align your academic goals with a service-learning project for your Honors Thesis.

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