Graduation Eligibility Plan (GEP)

Honors College GPA Requirement

Beginning Fall 2019, a cumulative 3.4 GPA is required for all Honors students to be eligible for Honors College graduation. In terms of Honors College continuation, students who fall below a cumulative 3.4 GPA will be notified at the end of the semester and will be placed on the Honors Graduation Eligibility Plan. Each student will have a two-semester plan period to enable proactive intervention and advising. 

Enrolling in the Honors Graduation Eligibility Plan

The Honors College Graduation Eligibility Plan (GEP) will be provided to students at the completion of 30 UA credits whose cumulative GPA falls below 3.4. Students are highly encouraged to meet with their Honors academic advisor once a semester, for up to two semesters, if they do not regain candidacy after the first semester

If a student is required to complete the Honors College Graduation Eligibility Plan, their Honors Academic Advisor will notify them via email and provide information to complete the program. Students will be invited to meet with their Honors academic advisor and complete a self-guided workshop while they are in the Honors College Graduation Eligibility Plan. Students in the GEP program are strongly encouraged to meet with their major academic advisor to discuss pathways for success. During this meeting, the major academic advisor will be best suited to provide information on GRO options, course offerings, and progression through their degree plan.

Appeals Process

The Honors College recognizes extreme circumstances may prohibit a student from successfully completing the Honors Graduation Eligibility Plan in two academic semesters. Therefore, the Honors College has established an appeals process to accommodate those students who wish to retain their Honors candidacy. 

Students wishing to appeal loss of candidacy for Honors graduation will submit the online “Honors Loss of Eligibility Appeal Form,” a personal statement, and any supporting documents within 10 days of notification of loss of Honors candidacy. A ten-day application period ensures that the Appeals Committee will have time to review the application and respond to the student prior to the refund deadline of the Honors College fee. The Appeals Committee will be chaired by Honors faculty and staff. Acceptable reasons to request an appeal include: 

  • Student’s mental or physical illness, injury, or disability 
  • Family emergencies, including the death of a family member 
  • Other extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student 

If the appeal is approved, the student will meet with their Honors academic advisor to expand their Honors Graduation Eligibility Plan for an extended time as recommended by the Appeals Committee. If the appeal is rejected, the student will become ineligible to continue/graduate with Honors. All decisions of the Appeals Committee are final.