Franke Honors Seminars

Students engaged with a top professors teaching

Franke Honors Seminars provide a unique opportunity to engage in academic discourse with a top professor.

How human are you? Does “free will” truly exist? Why does order emerge from chaos? These are just a few of the many thought-provoking questions that serve as the subjects of Franke Honors College Seminars.

Franke Honors Seminars are taught by some of the most distinguished and enthusiastic faculty members from across campus. These professors offer seminars each semester on unique topics, ranging from neuroscience to human rights to medieval literature.

All Franke Honors Students are required to take at least one Franke Honors Seminar during their undergraduate career, and many students choose to take one during their first year. It is a one-credit course that counts toward the 30 honors units required for graduation with honors. The best part? Your seminar does not need to relate to your major in any way. In fact, you are encouraged to expand your horizons by choosing a seminar that introduces you to a new topic that you have not previously studied.